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Benefits of jojoba oil for hair

     This type of oil is obtained from an extract of jojoba bush, scientifically called Simmondsia Chinensis. Its place of development is a wild place, in the driest regions of the United States and in the desert of northern Mexico. Its length is up to 6 m, and its lifespan is up to 90 years. This shrub has an evergreen branched trunk and has male and female flowers, flowering takes place in spring.

The substance extracted from the jojoba nut, the oil, was already used by the peoples who lived on the American continent before the arrival of whites for skin and hair care and even used the whole nut as emergency food.

Its extra oil, called “liquid gold” due to its color, is a wonderful and powerful antioxidant, biodegradable and its properties do not diminish over time.

     This oil has many benefits that people should take advantage of. The benefits of jojoba oil related to hair care are:

  • First, it deeply cleanses the scalp. Removes oil and helps reduce breakage and hair loss. Gives hair shine and improves its color
  • People should know that this oil has the role of giving shine and life to your hair, providing excellent hydration. Hydration has the role of contributing to the health of the hair, as it minimizes the damage that pollution and chemicals can cause.
  • In addition to preventing hair loss, this oil also improves its growth, because by using it, you will eliminate the clogging of hair follicles caused by fat and if we massage the scalp with it, we will activate blood circulation, which is also important for hair health.
  • It is a magnificent conditioner: for dry hair, we need to add a teaspoon of jojoba oil to the conditioner we use regularly. It is applied by spreading it all over the hair and leaving it to act for five minutes. Then wash. We will soon see extraordinary results.
  • And last but not least, it helps to control the secretion of fat: if we have excess fat, this oil will normalize the situation by balancing the amount of fat on the scalp and hair.