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Combat and eliminate stress

The alarm sounds… you are already running like crazy. You are hurried and you don`t know any more what to do first. You need for sure activities to combat and eliminate stress.

7 activities to combat and eliminate stress

Stress is a roll, but it is also our way of survival. But at that time the symptoms of stress could vary very slightly. ‘Losing your head’ can happen to us, so we need some respite, to transform it into eustress or positive stress.

It`s essential o take measures to combat stress and to help us release the tension that causes that don`t let us thinking clearly and, above all, that leads us to get sick. More often, we have issues in managing stress effectively. To what fits is the headache, anxiety and even depression.

How to eliminate and reduce stress

Emotional intelligence can help us reduce stress, of course. We must focus on a series of activities for stress management so that the production of endorphins balance our emotional state and allow our body to rest. We will obtain a muscular relaxation. Music can be also a friend In the stressful times.

Physical exercise

Performing aerobic exercise not only keeps us fit, but it is an effective way to release the pressure and anxiety caused by stress. For example, from the first 15 minutes of cardio that we will begin to notice the benefits. Also, boxing, cycling or practicing Yoga and Pilates can also help our cause.

Breathing exercises

Focusing on the breathing technique (Yoga, Pilates) is essential. We will achieve this by breathing deeply. It is preferable to inspire and exhale slowly in three repetition routines that we will perform over three cycles.


Essential oils are increasingly present in our home, and it is not for less. Both lavender and rose are ideal to relax.

Massage and salivation, activities to combat and eliminate stress

The effect is almost immediate, the whole neck and the back are relaxed. We will feel a pleasant sensation thanks to a gentle massage, in circles.


Practicing Mindfulness exercises or Yoga is one of the best ways to become aware of our surroundings and ourselves. We will start everything from a different perspective.

Carry out our favorite hobby

The benefits of music on our well-being is well known. Although it also applies to what we like, such as writing, walking, photography, drawing, etc. Also, laughter therapy is one of the best activities to combat and eliminate stress.

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