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Foods that Damage the Liver

The liver has an important role in the development of our organism, that is why it is so important that we know what are the foods that damage the liver and thus be able to avoid them in our diet.

The main function is the elimination of toxins from our body, that is, all those substances that do not serve us and on the contrary, can harm us.

Also, it helps store energy so that the body can use it when it needs it and also extracts nutrients from foods such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, for digestion.

Foods that Damage the Liver

Red meat

Eating red meat very often decrease the liver functions, as too much protein can cause this organ to not process it well. This type of meat contain a lot of fat and it is recommended to consume a maximum of 3 times per week red meat.


It is estimated that alcohol is probably what most affects the liver because its excessive consumption can become inflamed, causing the tissue to heal and triggering cirrhosis. Consumed in excess alcohol causes the destruction of liver cells, with consequences to cirrhosis, other diseases such as hepatitis or fatty liver.

Fast foods

They are foods rich in fat, sodium, and calories, which affects the liver at a high level. In the face of excess, it is not able to eliminate but ends up accumulating fat, leading to liver damage.

Sugar and salt

Excess of sugar can cause fibrosis and other liver diseases, on the other hand, excess salt increases blood pressure and also increases the risk of fatty liver. It is important to know that soft drinks contain high sugar and processed foods are rich in salt.

Good Foods for the Liver

  1. Artichoke: they help detoxify the liver because it has an antioxidant called silymarin.
  1. Chickpeas: it is a great source of amino acids, an essential component that influences our metabolism.
  1. Broccoli: is a vegetable rich in sulfur that also helps clean the liver, it is very important to prevent liver disease.
  1. Asparagus: rich in sulfur and water, so they help us eliminate toxins from our body through urine
  1. Leek: just like broccoli, the leek is rich in sulfur, eating it daily does not generate any contraindication.

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