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How to make homemade liquid soap

     Why prepare our own homemade liquid soap?

First of all, the preparation of house soap has the role of helping you save money, which is always highly recommended, considering the times in which we live. In the second row, we collaborate in the care of the environment because the homemade liquid soap is very environmentally friendly. Household soap can be used both for personal hygiene and for washing clothes or in the washing machine.

In this article, I will give you some recipes to help you prepare homemade soap for personal hygiene. You will find that learning how to make homemade soap is much easier than you thought, just follow the instructions and you will get an excellent soap for the personal hygiene of the whole family.

     How to prepare homemade soap with caustic soda? When deciding to use this product you must pay close attention, as in some cases it can cause big problems.

     The ingredients for its preparation are 1 l of water, 25 g of caustic soda flakes, 125 ml of olive oil, 1 teaspoon salt.

     Method of preparation:

  • place the water in a suitable container to keep the mixture
  • then add the soda very carefully. The soda should dissolve very well before moving to step 3
  • after the dissolution, add the oil and salt
  • then close the pot and mix all the ingredients in the pot very well
  • do not forget, for several weeks, we must shake the container with the mixture several times a day
  • and in the last phase, you must keep the glass in a dark and cool place and do not have to cover it until 15 days have passed

     How to make homemade soap with soap residue?

     Ingredients: 1 l of distilled water, 1 cup of spilled soap and one tablespoon of pure glycerin.

     Method of preparation:

  • put the soapy water and mix with a wooden spoon until dissolved
  • after dissolving it is taken from the fire, and then glycerin is added
  • in the last phase, mix everything and put it to cold to be bottled

When we have made the homemade liquid soap mix, we can add a bit of natural dye (if we want) and the type of perfume we like to give them a personal note.

This type of soap is valid for six months when stored in cold and dark places.

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