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Jacuzzi benefits for your blood circulation

It came about with the help of a hydraulic pump manufacturer, Candido Jacuzzi, in the ’50s. His son was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and because of this he thought about how to ease his pain, he decided to use the pumps he had. made to give it whirlwinds. This idea of ​​his has spread rapidly throughout the world.

     How does the jacuzzi work?

The hot tub or jacuzzi is deeper than a normal bath. This depth helps us to sink our whole body so you can enjoy its benefits. The baths have an ergonomic design, so you can be comfortably installed while enjoying the whirlpool.

The water temperature will generally be 38ºC and it will come out under pressure by several jets. Jets can be adjusted and oriented to different parts of the body.

     In order to enjoy a good jacuzzi you must consider the following tips:

  • your body must be very relaxed
  • adjust the intensity of the water jets
  • it is very important to change the position so that the water acts on all parts of the body

     The benefits of the jacuzzi are:

  •  it regulates blood circulation
  • disrupts capillary dilation and activates the heart rate
  • helps eliminate toxins
  • with the help of hot water, the pores are opened, thus facilitating the elimination of dirt
  • will get rid of fatigue, stress and relax muscles
  • relieves pain caused by arthritis or any bone disease
  •  this is also used to recover muscle fractures and injuries
  •  fights insomnia
  •  is recommended for stomach ulcer and cellulite control

These Jacuzzi baths are recommended especially after playing a sport.

Jacuzzi has no negative effects on human health, but if you suffer from low blood pressure, we must control the time we will spend inside the bath, as this bath relaxes us and can affect our blood pressure.

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