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Myths about sports supplements

     Today’s article will contain some myths about sports supplements. It is designed to be useful and to help you when deciding whether to take certain supplements.

     The first myth is called: sports supplements are chemical compounds harmful to health and totally useless if we eat healthily.

Nowadays there are many televisions that talk about sports supplements as being very harmful to the body. Each product is specific in its own way and can be used for a particular purpose because there are products that are completely beneficial to the body of every human being. Therefore, we will provide a set of “myths” about sports supplements and their assertion whether it is true or false.

     The second myth bears the name of: if I consume many sports supplements, my muscles will swell like those of bodybuilders in a few weeks …

Sports supplements have the role of facilitating the goals of the sportsman if he wants to achieve them, but without physical exercises and without good nutrition, everything will be in vain. For the body of the athlete to develop it will need activation of the body.

     Myth: To recover well after a session of physical activity and / or sports, the idea is to drink water with sugar after training.

This is one of the greatest myths because generation after generation uses this myth. The wounds represent micro-tears in the muscle fibers and are caused by physical exercises. They occur due to the breakdown or deterioration of muscle fibers, so there is no proven method for these fibers to recover quickly or preventively. Proteins at the end of any workout are meant to make you recover much faster muscle fibers.    

     Myth: The best post-stress recovery is amino acids

If it is true that branched-chain amino acids or essentials such as Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine directly help in the recovery of a physical effort at the end of the training, it is true that we need both vitamins, minerals, hydrates and even fats. healthy.

    Myth: Vitamins that give energy…

Vitaminele nu au rolul de a produce energie, deoarece sunt substanțe nutritive non-energetice. Orice organism are nevoie de vitamine pentru o buna functionare, dar acestea nu sunt producatoare de energie.

     Myth: L-carnitine burns fat without exercise …

This is a natural fat transporter, which has the role of transporting fat from the human body to the mitochondria. This transport has the role of giving energy, but it does not have results without physical exercises, because it needs activation of the metabolism.

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