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Osteopathy is an alternative medical practice that does not medicate. Treats by means of a diagnosis and a treatment carried out by manipulations. It does not seek to cure the symptom only, but to investigate where it comes from.

In this way, the cause of the problem is treated, avoiding its recurrence and the development of diseases that occur over time when the symptom is treated and not the cause.

Help your body

The goal is to give back to the body its axes so that all systems can function properly, and if this happens, pain and disease have no chance to develop.

The body needs some time after the session to accommodate this new information that was given. That is why on some occasions the pain does not give in instantly, but it does so little by little as it adapts to these new axes.

Osteopathy considers that the medications that the body needs are found in the same body. The blood contains nutrients and oxygen that is the “food” that our cells need to be alive.

By putting in place all the structures we give the body the possibility that irrigation reaches all the cells of the body. In this way we do not need to overload it with medications that you do not need and that, in addition, are gradually intoxicating and making you sick.


Osteopathy evaluates through tests what are the maneuvers that can be performed on that individual (take into account if it is a child, an elderly person, a pregnant woman) at that time (for example, people with osteoporosis cannot perform certain maneuvers , neither to the children). Ask for “tissue permission.”

This sensitivity is achieved by the osteopath after many years of training. Therefore, osteopathy is not dangerous if it is carried out by a professional who has completed his training and is registered.

To be an Osteopath you must first be a doctor or physiotherapist and then take a 6-year career. There are also some who claim to be osteopaths without being. The Osteopath must be registered to practice in the registry of his country.

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