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Properties of hypericum oil

This endemic plant of Europe also bears the name also of St. John’s wort or hypericum and is also present in other areas of the world. Since ancient times, the magical properties have been attributed to its beautiful yellow flowers. Its medicinal properties have been known by people since the Middle Ages.

The properties of hypericum oil are as follows:

  • are used as anti-inflammatories
  • it is also antiseptic and bactericidal. Hypericin in its composition is a plant component capable of generating this property
  • it has been used for many years because it is a very good healer, its role is to remove or reduce the signs of smallpox. Being antiviral, it helps not only to close the wounds but also to prevent their infection.
  • it has nutritious and emollient properties. Serves to maintain skin tone
  • reduces the consequences of bruising and pain caused by blows
  • it also has the role of alleviating bruising, phlegm and swelling in the legs
  • if you want to relieve headaches, migraines and irritations I recommend using hyperic because it is well known for its positive effect on these problems
  • one of the most important properties of this oil is that it is effective against insomnia, spring asthenia, rot, sadness, unfounded terrorism, crippling fear, and mild depression.
  • very recently it has been shown that the last medicinal benefits are due to the presence of hyperforin, an adjuvant in dopamine activity. Therefore, its possible beneficial effect is studied in severe degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. There is no conclusive evidence yet

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