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Why is puberty delayed?

     Factors that make some boys and girls more difficult to develop are:

  • Heritage. In most cases, this problem of delayed puberty is simply due to the characteristics of the families to which the children belong. Thus, many children who experience puberty may come from parents who have taken the time to develop. In such a case, the delay of puberty is called “constitutional delay”. In this case, she will not need any treatment.
  • Chronic diseases. The body will be determined to develop more difficult only if children suffer from the following diseases: diabetes, cystic fibrosis, a problem with kidney function, asthma. In this case, the diagnosis and care of the doctor allow appropriate treatment to avoid a delay considerable at puberty.
  • Hormonal problems. Problems with the pituitary gland (sometimes called the pituitary gland) or the thyroid can be responsible for delayed puberty, as both glands produce hormones that are essential for growth and development. In these cases, it will be necessary to treat the hormonal problem.
  • Poor eating or eating problems. People who have not eaten healthy or who suffer from eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia, maybe late for puberty. In general, this problem is more common in girls, because they are either too active and lose weight, or suffer from disorders. Delayed menstruation is another factor. For the period to start and continue, you need the body to have a certain amount of fat.
  • Chromosomal problems. DNA contains all the information about the growth of the body, and if there is any irregularity, puberty can be delayed. For example, Turner syndrome, which affects women, causes problems in the development of the ovaries and sex hormones. This occurs when one of a woman’s X chromosomes is abnormal or non-existent. Girls with this syndrome are short and generally infertile. In men, the so-called Klinefelter syndrome occurs when there is an additional X chromosome (XXY instead of XY) that delays pubertal development.

In conclusion, if parents believe that their children are suffering from a delay in physical development, I recommend that you consult a specialist so that they can make the necessary examinations and determine the cause. This will let you know which is the best treatment so that your boy or girl does not take too long to develop and not feel different from others.