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Yoga: the power of health

Yoga actions and postures that help us improve our well-being

Yoga is a very beneficial sport for human health. It helps the body to get out of drunkenness, it helps man to improve mentally, etc. I am very happy to talk about the philosophy of Yoga, only today I want to focus on the product directly derived from a common practice of yoga and what role Yoga has in our health. I think there were times when you changed your diet, made a physical effort and then felt much better.

Most people are going to do yoga because it helps people very well mentally and has the role of optimizing body structure. However, the physical structure that keeps us upright needs precise adjustments, so that everything works correctly and we can do even more in those exercises in the gym, when we run or go on an excursion. If you want to improve your physical condition, you must leave the house and not spend much time in front of the computer. Yoga is one of the most powerful weapons to establish the physical, mental and emotional structure.

Improving back health

There are many things that work correctly when we think about the structure of the body. Without these things, the back and spine muscles can be affected, due to the compensations we do daily, without giving us any consideration. Legs and hips play a very important role in the spine. If the legs and hips are free to move, they will stop restricting the movements of the pelvis and back.

The legs and hips are like two brakes for back mobility, because they change their curves and limit their maneuvers. The legs and hips rust due to the long hours spent in front of the computer at work or surfing the internet. The body has the role of moving.

Easy yoga at home or work

There are 3 major positions that have the role of improving the health of the legs and hip. They help your back to have normal curves and movement edges, relieve minor back pain. The 3 major positions are: Parsvottanasana, Virabhadrasana I and Bharadvajasana. These techniques can be used both during the service and at home, as it only takes 1 minute.

3 simple actions to improve back pain

  • Preparative Parsvottanasana: stretching the legs.      This is a very easy exercise that stretches your back and legs very well. In addition to these advantages, people can easily adjust the intensity of the stretch depending on where we place our hands. The greater the distance to the wall, the more limited the legs are and the more they will pull your back to stretch it better. To see a difference, you must do this exercise at least 7 days.
  • Preparatory Virabhadrasana I: lengthening the famous Psoas. Before moving the hips we will stretch the Psoas, a large back limiter and producer of severe lower back pain.
  • Bharadvajasana: turning to decongest the spine. You can do it the same at home or at work and it is very easy and effective, you will notice how the whole back is twisted and stretched.     

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